What I’m Doing Now

Nomad Trip

My girlfriend and I are halfway through our nomadic trip around Europe. We sublet our apartment in Berlin, packed our suitcases, and set out traveling for three months. Our first stop was Bansko, a little village in the Bulgarian mountains, where we joined the amazing community of Coworking Bansko. We’ve been working remotely, taking part in many community events, and learning about Bulgarian culture. My personal highlight was a three-day hiking trek in the Pirin Mountains.

Trek in the Pirin Mountains

Next up, we plan short visits to Vienna and Bratislava. After that, we’ll settle in for another month at our final destination, which will be Brno, Czech Republic.


Lately, I’ve been working on figuring out where to take my business next. I elaborated on an idea for a new app, but ultimately decided to get into freelancing, which is the primary reason for the overhaul of my personal website.


I’ve started reading The Freelance Way by Robert Vlach. I met Robert several times in Las Palmas, and I know what he does for the Czech (and European) freelancing community. However, I never took the time to read his book until now, and I can already tell it’s going to be an interesting read.