Lukáš Kubánek

Hi there, my name is Lukáš. I’m a software developer from the Czech Republic living in Berlin, Germany.

When developing software, I’m passionate about building architectures, finding proper abstractions for given domains, and keeping things clean and consistent. My focus lies in development for Apple platforms (in particular Mac and iOS). Swift is my programming language of choice.

As a visual kind of person, I draw many diagrams, especially when designing software architectures. I’ve been looking for a suitable digital tool for drawing structured diagrams in a simple way for a while and haven’t found one. This is why I decided to build Diagrams, an easy-to-use diagram editor for the Mac. Currently, this is my primary project I’m working on together with Sherpa.Dresden.

Besides technology and building things, I’m interested in personal development and minimalism. I also like hiking, volleyball, and badminton.

Feel free to get in touch!