Lukáš Kubánek

Photo shot by David Innes

Hi there, my name is Lukáš.

I love building things in the digital space. I enjoy the entire process, but I especially like the engineering part. My passion lies in getting all the details right.

I’m a software developer, and I make apps for Apple platforms in the Swift programming language.

I’ve founded a small company, created Diagrams for Mac, and have expanded into freelancing.

I’m originally from the Czech Republic and currently based in Dresden, Germany. Every now and then, I take advantage of my location independence and work from different spots within Europe.

What am I doing now?

See my Now page.

Interested in working with me?

If you’re looking for a Swift developer to join your iOS or macOS projects and you’d be interested in collaborating, I’m eager to hear from you.

These are my areas of expertise:

Where can you find me online?

How to get in touch?

Via email at for work-related matters and at for everything else.